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Colorado and Utah Trip?

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Funkwerks would be a good visit although I don't seem to think they serve any Crooked Stave there.
Equinox in DT Fort Collins is a great location and good beer
Left Hand is worth a trip.

Also to consider:
Liquids and Solids - it's Oskar Blues restaurant in Longmont.  Not only do they have good food and all OB beers but a huge tap list of quality craft beer

I would try to stop in Boulder - I would hit up Avery's tap room.  Not huge fan of thier regular line up but am a big fan of the seasonals plus they typically have a few tap handles of stuff that they don't bottle

Upslope in Boulder.  Small operation right now and only can 4 year around beers but always have 4-5 taps of great beer that is only available in the tap room.  Was there a week ago and they had two barell/whiskey aged beers that were great.

I'm not sure why the guy above doesn't like Avery... They're my favorite brewery though... 
Anyway, I notice that no one gave you any liquor store ideas.  Total Beverage is on your way down from Fort Collins:
You should be able to find all manner of beers there.
Also, If you come back through the southern part of the state, we have things to talk about....

Pretty much all the Fort Collins breweries are a hit, pateros creek, Odell's and Fort Collins brewery are my favorite. I would second stopping in Longmont for Left hand and oskar blues. As many breweries that are in Fort Collins i think now there are about 2-3 times that in Denver now. If you have time in Denver strange/renegade/ great divide are great, if feel like driving about 20min to the burbs's lone tree brewing company is great. Although boulder breweries make some good beer i would stay in foco, Longmont, Denver, and even Colorado springs

If just want to hit some liquor stores Wilbur's in Fort Collins is great and my favorite for beer in the front range, Longmont is close to Daveco's (supposedly the largest store either in the state or country)

If in Denver, I also recommend Great Divide Brewing, on 22nd very near Coors Field in the downtown area. One of my absolute favorite breweries.

In addition to Avery, Twisted Pine in Boulder is worth a stop.

You're probably already familiar with it, but Moab Brewery is kind of hit-or-miss.

If you get down this way, there are a number of great options.


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