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Author Topic: Columbus Brewing Company  (Read 1518 times)

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Columbus Brewing Company
« on: March 14, 2013, 06:57:38 pm »
I've spent the week in Columbus, OH and went to the Columbus Brewing Co. Restaurant twice during my stay. The first night I did the "Flight of Beers" taster. They only had four of their own beers on tap (5 on the menu): Pale Ale, IPA, BODHI DIPA, and SOhio Stout. I did get a taster of Breckenridge Vanilla Porter to round off the flight. The fifth of their beers that was on the menu was The Creeper, which was an imperial IPA. They said they only had 1 keg of it and were waiting to tap it on St. Patty's Day. I offered to buy the keg, but I just got an awkard stare.

Anyways, I only had the 4 oz of the pale ale. It was a solid APA, but that wasn't what I had come for. It was good, and I would drink it again.

The IPA is very nice. I have had that a handful of times before. I have bought bottles of it at my local giant eagle. It is a hazy pour with an orangish color. It has a very solid "Simarillo" finish. I would recommend this IPA to anybody who enjoys IPA's any day of the week. The menu said 60 IBU's, but it seemed a bit higher to me.

The BODHI DIPA is the reason why I went. I've read the raves about it, so that's what I wanted. I tasted it in the 4 oz taster and really liked it. I bought a growler of it. After drinking it in the hotel room, I started to get turned off by it. It lacked the body that I would want in an IPA. Don't get me wrong, I don't like the malt to clash with the hops, but this was thin. It was blonde in color and had a strong citrusy taste and aroma. I think it was to be 90 IBUs. I was actually let down by this beer considering the hype. I think I would have been let down without any hype. Anyways I finished the growler to go back and get it filled with something else.

The SOhio Stout is an imperial stout. Fantastic! Pours black as night with a nice bronze/mocha head. It is a very thick beer with a nice coffee presence. It advertizes Costa Rican coffee. Whatever it is, it's good. It is over 9% ABV and around 50 IBUs. This beer is fantastic and is what I refilled my growler with. The problem was, the growler is only 64 oz.

The brewery is small, but I would like them to expand their access to bottled beer more thoroughly in Ohio. I have only seen their Christmas Ale (Very good) and IPA on the shelves. I have no problem buying the IPA whenever I run across it, but I would love to run across their other brews as well.