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I can understand not liking Belgians (I mean, I guess I can. I can understand you have poor taste  :P) but PBR???

I had this beer for the first time this past summer and really liked it.

Nicely balanced. Slightly fruity. Nice frothy head. Thirst quenching.

Here's a good look at it.

Honestly, I would have rather spent the 6 bucks on hops. I got half  bottle left. Who wants it?  ;D

strange - I never woulda thought about hoppy with Hennepin.  sounds like marketing term du jour as opposed to reality.

Hennepin is meh, in my book.  Lagunitas Farmhouse Ale is a bit better, but I do not pretend to know that style well.

Ommegang's Witte is fantastic though - odd to spend 6 bucks on a bomber of it when you can make 12gal of tasty wit for less than $40 (including all propane, etc costs).  but it is a GREAT representation of the style.  Don't let Hennepin turn you off of them.

It's an OK saison. Pretty good. I don't know about "Meh". That said, maybe "meh" as I never buy it and pass it up for other beers in a heart beat. But it ain't nothing like no PBR. Know that, sonny boy.


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