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Mash temperature differences

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Hi all,
When I mash I have a floating thermometer in the pot. I will get different readings if I check different spots. My question is if I take a sample of the liquid and the temperature is correct (let's say 152 F) does it matter if the temperature in the grain bed flucuates? I am stirring the grain in the mash tun every 5 minutes or so.

  When you doe in, you need to do a really good stir, five mins or so. Then, what I do is use a digital thermometer, and stir with that. The temp varies by a bit, but as long as it is a close average, I'm happy with it.

I'm with Weaze....stir at dough in until you get consistent temps.  Then close the cooler and don't stir anymore.  Whenever you open it to stir, you lose heat.

Technically, since I learned this method from you..

I'm with Denny.

Found out the hard way. Stir it till yer arm hurts and it doesn't hurt to leave the tun alone after that. A good spoon is good indeed. Stir it like crap again before you sparge.

And a good preheat is critical. Don't skimp.


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