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Hello all,

Well I brewed my first batch and I do not have high hopes for it, quite a few mistakes.  I cannot wait to get it into bottles so that I can start the next batch.  I do have one question though.  How does one remove the malt aroma out of the house?  When I leave and come back, it hits me hard.  Personally, I like the smell but my wife has other opinions.


Try Febreeze.  Unfortunate though.  I love that smell.

Jimmy K:
Open the windows for a while.

I feel your pain. Leave some windows open while you're brewing to get some cross-ventilation going. Close the door to your bedroom while you're brewing as well, so at least it doesn't get into your sheets or her clothes. She'll appreciate you for it.

I've been toying with trying my hand at a hops-scented candle using some hop extract. I figure if anything can cover up the smell of malt, it would be hops...

It goes away in about 2 days.. I love the smell but others in the house don't.  I'm in Florida so the a/c is blowing constantly which helps.


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