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Author Topic: W: Two Sat Afternoon trade for other days. Also how do i know if I got "members  (Read 3138 times)

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Hi finally got my tickets for Thur, Fri and Saturday nights.  I had wanted Sat Afternoon but didn't get it in time.

I don't know if my tikcets are members only or not -- the tickets at the top say this:

Does that mean members only entrance?

Does anyone want to trade anything -- I'd really like to get the saturday afternoon session or farm to tabl as I have in years past... this is the first year I've missed it. (thanks Ticketmaster)
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There aren't member sessions available for the times/days you stated. They don't differentiate if you're a member or not for those sessions. As far as I know, there is only a 'member's only' session Saturday afternoon.  And the 'member's entrance' is the front door with a mile long line around the building. There's a possibility they could have changes it, but I find that unlikely.

Sorry I can't provide a definitive answer but I hope this little bit helps :)