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Citra Hop Rhizomes or Plants

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We have been brewing with citra hops in fairly heavy quantities, and are wondering if anyone knows of anyplace to purchase rhizomes or even started plants which we can order? I am currently checking with a local nursery who sells hops as well, but at the rate we are using Citra hops, I would prefer to cultivate them ourselves as opposed to purchasing them by the ounce.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Doubtful, Citra appears to be proprietary to a small set of growers.

Drew points out a trend in the hop industry.  Varieties are developed by growers who fund the breeding program, and then get proprietary rights to those varieties.  Simcoe is another that you might wait a long time for.  Amarillo has been out for years, but no rhyzomes to be had, as that is the property of one farm.

Thanks for responding. It all makes sense. For now, I guess I will just have to make sure we stay stocked.    :P

Why does everyone always refer to themselves as "we" on these messageboards?  You have an attached-at-the-hip twin?

I'm sure Citra will be available in a matter of a few years though to those who grow their own hops.  I would think it's still too new to be widely available.


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