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Citra Hop Rhizomes or Plants


Looking for either rhizomes or even started (known female) Citra plants. If you have some you would like to sell or know of somewhere I can purchase these, please let me know.


I can't say for sure, but these may not be available for a long time.  Refer to Amarillo and Simcoe, which have been out for a while.  No rhizomes are available for those that I know.

Some of the newer varieties are the property of the growers, and are not released.   

That would be too bad, it is a great hop. Hopefully it doesn't become one of the varieties which basically dies out due to lack of interest or low popularity as I love the characteristics of it. From what I have read, Sierra Nevada grows it (or at least some of it), but our local brew supply shop receives shipments of whole citra hops in the same 13 lb boxes as the other hops they receive, so I am hoping we are beyond that stage now.

I already posted this under the Ingredients area, where I posed the same question, but here is the answer I received back from the local nursery after they looked into it for me - confirming your answers:

"Sorry to say that the Citra Hop is a patented variety and is unavailable to anyone other than those who are licensed to grow it.  It’s frustrating I know, but like Amarillo, Simcoe, and Summit: Citra is only available as a grown, processed, product."

Thanks again for your help.


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