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Lost Abbey Red Poppy


Lost Abbey is rather hard to find in my area, but I've been on a big sour beer kick lately and finally managed to track down one of their sour beers - Red Poppy. Man, this was totally worth the hunt. The combo of cherries and Brett work very well together. Not a lot of funk from the Brett, but just enough for a Flanders. There's a nice lactic bite with just a touch of vinegar. There's maybe a hair too much oak for me, but not by a lot.

This is probably my favorite Flanders I've tried to date.

I have only ever been able to get ahold of one red poppy, but it was damn good and well worth it.  I love lost abbey!

Red Poppy is awesome.  It's my wife's favorite sour beer.  We pick up a few bottles whenever we see it.


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