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Corking champagne bottles?


What do other folks use to cork finish champagne bottles?  Either European or American?

I know the Belgian corks work.  Most of the major homebrew supply places on line do not seem to have champagne corks.  Even ones that sell wine supplies.  They have the plastic champagne stoppers but not cork.

I have started to do some experiments with regular #9 corks but the jury is still out as to long term storage.  In the short term they seem to do the job and hold in carbonation and seal out air.  They also mushroom ever so slightly.

Other than using crown caps, yes I know they work, does anyone cork with anything other than Belgian?

I have a sparkling mead that I used the plastic champagne closure with
the wire very well IMO.

My LHBS (Alternative Beverage) carries true Champagne corks. They show unavailable at the moment, but a call to the owner, Jess, might get you there.


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