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Medicinal mead - d'oh!

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I'm making a mead. I kinda forgot about it for a week. I'm usually pretty good about monitoring pH and adding nutrients, but this one got away from me. It has kind of a phenolic, medicinal, band-aid flavor. This is the first time I've used POF+ yeast, so, maybe that wasn't the best idea.

It's not awful, but I'm wondering what I can do to mitigate the damage. Gelatin finings? Cold crash? Shouldn't polyphenols fall out of suspension eventually?

7lbs blackberries, fermented with WY3522 ~ 1/2 gallon
+4 gallons water, clover honey to hit OG = 1.072
+1 pack of T-58

8/17 OG 1.072, pH 4.6 4g nutrient, 2g DAP
8/19 1.050, pH 3.3 + 4g nutrient, 2g DAP, stirred
8/27 1.016, pH 3.0, medicinal off-flavor

It's down to 1.000 now. The medicinal flavor isn't quite as pronounced as it was. It's still there, but more of a background flavor. So I guess it's aging out? I might blend it with a basic wheat beer or something. I'm not sure I'd like to drink a few pints of it, but it might end up being pretty good if I blend it.

My wife drank some, and thought it tasted more like overripe fruit than medicinal/band-aid. So maybe I'm not describing the flavor correctly.

Hey Nateo, I've only made one mead, a carrot blossom mead which I am about to keg. So, with my limited experience in mind. When I tasted mine after a few weeks, I also had a medicinally/band-aid flavor. After 2-3 months, I couldn't taste it at all, or at least it is to the point where I don't notice it. My girlfriend also tasted it initially, and now says it is gone.

I also used Kris England's nutrient addition/fermentation schedule for what it is worth.

That pH on August 27 is pretty low at 3.0. That's into the range where yeasts start to throw some off character.  It may soften with age, but it may not go away altogether.  I don't know of a retroactive fix.  Sorry.


I'm thinking of blending with a wheat beer or something to make it drinkable. I'd hate to throw out a whole batch.


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