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Medicinal mead - d'oh!

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I just had the same problem! I've used plenty of nutrients, though I admit I haven't really checked ph levels. I've notice the flavor aging out of my braggot, though my two meads, which have been bottled, are not coming along so well. They remain kind of medicinal, almost minty. I've kept the braggot in the secondary since June and I think it's finally starting to come around. Patience is my only advice.

The medicinal flavor has mellowed some. The over-ripe fruit aroma is still there, now more like rotten fruit, and now it's got some funky sausage/meaty flavors. It must be autolysis, and maybe wild yeast from the blackberries.

I think it'll end up being a dumper, but I'll let it ride a bit longer. I don't think I've run into autolysis this pronounced before.

I bet it would make a fine mead brandy!  (oops, did I say that out loud?)


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