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NJ spots?


In the area or between Summit and Mountain Lakes?

Anyone been to the Hat Tavern in Summit?

Not sure where Mountain Lakes is, but there is the Trap Rock Restaurant and Brewery in Berkeley Heights not far from Summit.  I haven't been there in years, but the food and beer were good when I was there. 

The Summit Hotel is nice, but the beer menu at the Hat Tavern was not too impressive.

I haven’t been around that area in a while but you may want to check out the bars/restaurants in Morristown. You will probably be able to find whatever type of food you want there as it is a bar/restaurant kind of town.  The Office has decent food and a good selection of beers. I think there is one in Summit and one in Morristown.  It’s a small chain so the quality may also depend on the location you go to.

If you are willing to drive 20 minutes out of the way, I would suggest the Cloverleaf Tavern in Bloomfield.   They have decent pub food and a good beer selection.  It can get very crowded, especially on beer appreciation night, which is the first Tuesday of every month.  Poor Henrys in Montville is supposed to be decent, but I haven’t tried it yet.    Please update this post after you visit. I’d like to hear about some place you tried, especially if its somewhere I haven’t been to.

There is an Office in Summit


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