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Balcones Distillery Barrel

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The first whiskey in the barrel was Blue Corn Whiskey from Balcones. I "re-whiskeyed" after draining out the Wheat Wine by giving it a rinse with hot water (fill up once, then drain and let sit hole side down for a day) then putting a 5th of Jack Daniels in it and swirling aound.

I have since "rumed" the barrel by repeating the above process with a 5th if dark rum. It now has my Imperial Pumpkin beer (aka Rumpkin) aging in it.

Just bought a Balcones barrel through Adventures in Homebrewing. Excited for my first barrel aged beer.

When you're adding new liquor to the barrel do you find you are getting a different flavor out of it? And if so, are you getting traces of the prior liquors? Did the batch after the Jack taste only of Jack or of Jack and the Balcones blue corn whisky?

I definately noticed the difference between the Balcones whiskey and the rum. There was also a slight char character from the beer aged on Jack Daniels that I did not get with the Balcones whiskey. I think over time the flavors of the different spirits would blend since the wood will absorb some flavors from them all but since there is also liquor in there that is not absorbed by the wood and get mixed in with the beer I get the distinct flavor of the liquor in my final beer.


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