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Hi all, I'm currently working on making a mash tun. I'm using a 52 qt. coleman extreme cooler and have made a manifold out of cpvc. Here's where I hope I don't lose anyone: from the manifold, I'm using a connector that is 1/2 cpvc and 1/2 brass. From there, I'm connecting to a 2" long nipple that goes through the cooler wall and then connects to a ball valve. The nipple is going through the washer that originally came with the cooler that was on the inside. I gave it a dry (or would it be wet?) run and found that water is leaking through the drain hole of the cooler. Can cpvc cement be used to glue/seal the washer to the inside of the cooler wall? Or is there another solution to seal the hole around the rubber washer?

Thanks for the help!

Don't think cpvc glue is the most effective sealant on HDPE. I'd use either silicone caulk or a silicone washer such as the 1/2" gasket on this site:

I would suggest getting a shorter nipple, and a coupling.  This way, when you tighten up the coupling it will draw the gasket and the 1/2 cpvc and brass fitting tight to the inside wall of the cooler.  This should make it water tight.

As a disclaimer, I have personally never built a mash tun, but if I'm understanding your problem, this should fix it.

Uh Oh!

I guess I didn't understand that you hadn't created a "compression seal" through the cooler wall. mr_jeffers is correct . . without clamping the fittings in place first, it's gonna be tough to ever create a leak proof connection. The site I referenced in the last post should be able to get you headed in the right direction.

Shorter nipple, or add some washers.  You can use regular zinc coated fender washers on the OUTSIDE.  If you find you need to add one to the inside you should use stainless steel which can sometimes be trickier to find with the correct ID.


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