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I pitched a 1.5L ale starter Saturday morning.  I'm using a stir plate (first time).  Will it be ready to pitch Monday afternoon?  I've heard 12-18 hours.  Is this correct?  I was hoping to refrigerate it Sunday night to drop the yeast out of suspension, then pull it out again Monday morning to warm up before pitching.

Depends on how fast the starter takes off.  If the viability was good and you can see activity at this point, then yeah, it'll probably be fine to pop it in the fridge tonight.

I'd say maybe. 

According to my yeast calculator, the viability was around 70%.  I assume the yeast calculator may err on the side of being too conservative.  Anyway, there was foaming/activity Saturday evening, and not much that I can see at 10AM Sunday.

By the way, how do you tell if there is activity when using a stir plate since there won't be a mini-krauesen?  I assume the surface foaming was the activity since it is gone today.

My starters usually generate a pretty good layer of foam even with the stirplate going. 


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