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I brewed a 5 gallon batch of beer but I split the batch 3 ways (two 1 gallon carboys and one 3 gallon carboy) to try dry hopping with different hops. I am getting ready to bottle my beer and i came across coopers carbonation drops. I am temped to try them out of easy, but I wanted some input as to the results. I was wondering if anyone has tried them before and and how their beer turned out or am I better off using corn sugar (I think it will be hard splitting 3/4ths of a cup of corn sugar into the volumes i mentioned above).

    i use Muntons CarbTabs, pills, they work good. i keg all my beer and often have a few bottles extra after kegging,  its easy to drop in a few pills rather than figure how much corn sugar you need. 4 pills per bottle is what i use, with good results.  add the pills to the bottles  before filling.

I tried the Coopers on my very first attempt at homebrewing and my beer failed to carbonate, but I seriously doubt it was the fault of the drops. They did completely dissolve and I suspect the yeast was at fault. Either I killed it by not rinsing my sanitizer well, or something.  I'm afraid to try them again, but they make pretty good hard candy...... :)

+1 I'm with midtex, as they make good candy to hand out at Halloween, but not so much for carbonating beer.   :-\

I've had good results using them.  If anything I've had slight problems with over-carbonation a couple of times.  One drop is supposed to carbonate a 375ml bottle of beer.  I think that is a slightly different volume than 12 oz., which might be the problem.


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