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Joe Sr.:
I just went to change my avatar, and now I don't have one...

I even tried going back to my old avatar. But it appears to no longer appear.

I am uploading.  I tried linking to photobucket, but photobucket appears to be having issues today.

I can get an avatar if I use on of the generic ones, like Emilio Estevez or Limp Bizkit.

Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a specified file type/size I need to use?

Mine's gone too.  Must be something going on with the AHA servers.

Joe Sr.:
I can see yours.  But I cannot see mine.

Funny...I can't see mine, yours, or a whole bunch of others on the forum.  I do see a couple that look like they are linked from photobucket, but no uploaded ones.

I'll check with IT but AFAIK there haven't been any changes lately.


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