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Greetings fellow homebrewers. I recently discovered the AHA and am looking forward to becoming a part of this community.
Here's a little about me:
My name is Brian G. I am currently 27 and I was born and raised in OH.
Here's a recent picture from a beerfest:

I joined the Marine Corps when I was 18, got out when I was 22 and moved to Southern Florida.
I worked as a stockbroker (what a racket) for a year, then found my current job as a hardware specialist for surveillance systems.
I started learning about beer variety and quality in 2010, slowly finding more craft beers until I got to the point I am now where I'm a huge craft beer fan.
I've been brewing since January this year (2012), received a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas from my sister, she knew I was into beer.
Here's my brewing journey.

* First two batches, standard Mr. B 2.5 gallon kits with no specialty steep or hop boils. Came out bland and thin, though the second was significantly better than the first it wasn't enough.
* Third batch I upgraded to 5-gallon kits from Northern Brewer, did the Chinook IPA. Now I'm steeping and boiling for an hour, a huge change from Mr. B. This was the best beer I've brewed to date, but it was a pain cooling the wort with ice baths.
* Fourth batch, special Biere de Garde from NB. I had a lot of new equipment for this and the process was significantly easier! (Wort chiller/Auto Siphon/Glass bottles) What I loved about this beer was the hot fermentation, it came out very very good, second favorite so far.
* Fifth batch, The Innkeeper from NB, same as above but came out ok. Probably needed more time.
* Sixth batch, oh man the Big RIS. I ended up getting a hydrometer and yeast starter materials for this bad-boy, good thing too because it came to 1.101. It was fun making a yeast starter, completely overflowed my two little Mr. B kegs. This batch is still in the kegs, I'll bottle it in 2 weeks. Finished at 1.036, not too shabby. It's tasting great too, have a hunch this will be my beer to beat.
* Got another fermenter so I can brew while waiting for RIS, but I can't cool it so I'm making a holiday saison. OG 1.076, made a starter, looking forward to this one!!So that's my journey and it's just begun. I aim to be brewing for the rest of my life and am looking forward to becoming extremely comfortable with ingredients and recipe crafting.
Biggest disaster I ever had really was when I made my RIS. I pumped the auto-siphon way too hard and it shot the other end right out of my fermenter all over my white kitchen walls and counter. That was some thick wort too!
I don't have a favorite recipe or anything yet, still so much to try!

My current system:
5 Gallon SS kettle
2 6.5gallon buckets (bottling and fermenting)
Standard beginner type equip. (Wort chiller/auto siphon/etc...)

I've been trying to keep a steady supply of homebrew but I always drink them too fast, the recently added extra fermenter should help though.

That's about it.

Oh and I make music as a hobby as well, have a nice little midi keyboard and loads of software.

Welcome!  Great community here and I hope you enjoy it.

Welcome the ever inspiring AHA forum and our obsession. :)

Sounds like you're well on your way.  And you have the requisite facial hair to be a successful homebrewer.

Mark G:
Welcome to the AHA and the forum. Lots of great info here. Cheers.


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