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Wyeast 2001-Urquell Lager


I've never used the classic H strain from PlzenskĂ˝ prazdroj (Urquell) and was wondering from those that have whether its much of a diacetyl producer? Thoughts & opinions on doing a D-rest or not? I really don't want to "warm it up" ...if I don't have 2. TIA  :-\

I think I like it just a bit better then WY2000 (Budvar).
I brewed with 2001 about 3 times and 2000 about 5 times.

I usually warm it up at the end of the ferment and I did not notice any diacetyl (in effect I did  D-rest I supposed).

Thanks for the reply thirsty! I was beginning to wonder if anyone has ever used it. I guess playing it safe is the best way to go. D-rest coming-up!  8)


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