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Welp, here's my first attempt at a recipe. Any critique is welcome!

I'm aiming for a hoppy Saison. More specifically:
Nice Fruity hop aroma/flavor
Mild bitterness
Good peppery/spicy saison flavor
Medium body

5 Gallon Extract with specialty steep and hop boil.
8lb 10oz Northern Brewer Gold Malt Syrup
1lb Briess Caramel 40L

1oz Centennial first wort (to make a smoother bitterness)
.5oz Centennial 20min
2oz Centennial 5 minutes
1.5oz Centennial dry hop 1 week

Wyeast Farmhouse 3726 fermented hot. (75-85F)

Any input is appreciated!

After some talking over at BA I've got a revised version now since Centennial may clash with the 3726 flavors.

    Revised recipe!

    5 Gallon Extract
    9lb 2oz Pilsen LME
    (feel like I should steep something here...extract already has carapils in it though.)

    1oz Northdown first wort (to make a smoother bitterness)
    .5oz Northdown 20min
    1.5oz Styrian Goldings 5min
    .5oz Styrian Goldings 0min
    2oz Styrian Goldings dry hop 1 week

    Wyeast Farmhouse 3726 fermented hot. (75-85F)

Nice simple recipe! That's refreshing for a beginner. You don't need to change anything except the fermentation temp. I know there is lots of preaching about fermenting Saison's warm but the beer turns out better when you start it off cool (I like 64-66) and ferment in high 60s for first 3 days then crank into low to high 70s to help attenuation.

The only thing I may add would be 5-10% simple sugar to help it attenuate out, especially if you are using extract.  Just sub out a portion of the extract if you want to keep the same gravity.  Agree with major about the fermentation temps.  Otherwise, it looks good!

Sounds delicious!


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