Author Topic: Starter not starting - Do lager yeasts take longer to grow?  (Read 7064 times)

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Re: Starter not starting - Do lager yeasts take longer to grow?
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I just went through this same thing with two vials of WLP830 from two different sources in two separate starters. Ordered a smack pack of the Bavarian lager yeast from wyeast and got no activity in the smack pack.  Finally got two packets of dry yeast going. This will be the ultimate test of how long you can go between brewing and fermentation activity.  I emailed white labs about it and they comped me for the two vials. I have been brewing lagers with this yeast for over 8 years and have never had more than one vial fail to take off.  The only thing I can guess was that the heat during shipment was too much. But the second two shipments got here in one day. Both vials were well before their overdue date. Really strange. Doing a dunklen in a few weeks and hoping for better luck.
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Re: Starter not starting - Do lager yeasts take longer to grow?
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Amazing that so many have had problems with lager yeasts since I had the same thing happen about a month ago.  Did a starter of Wyeast 2112 California Lager and after 3 days, nothing.  Took the empty pack back to show the the pouch was broken and everything mixed.  But even letting the pack set for 3 hrs prior to pitching into the starter, it hardly swelled at all.  The shop credited it no problem.  I planned on making a california common and a scottish ale and left the starter setting.  Put the scottish ale to work with a liquid vial of yeast that a local brewery users and it was fine without making a starter.  5 days later, boom, the 2112 started churning and going like a starter should.  I took my california common ingredients and made another beer.  Now I probably need to tell the shop the yeast finally did its thing and pay them back.
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