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   So, I started a diet program yesterday. six meals a day, smaller portions, a protein and a carb. Drinking tons of water. ONe gallon plus per day. I'm hitting the tread mill, and weights. I started at 235, and My goal is 215. I'm happy to say, I've already lost 4.5#. I know a lot is water weight, but it's still cool to say I lost 4.5lbs.
   Cool thing is, the plan I'm doing gives you a "free day". So, Sundays I can go nuts, and even hit the taps. Wish me best, my brewers.  8)

All the best, brew bro.

Don't know about no pants brewing, but dropping 20 lbs. will definitely mean new pants brewing . . .   :D

good luck barry

my best advice is to really focus on running.  you can shred pounds in no time if you start running, and can even drink a bunch of beer every now and then and not show it.  set a race as your goal and work toward it - maybe there's a 10k in the spring or something up there - look up a plan (I like halhigdon.com) and work at it. 

BTW - aren't you like 6'5" - 235 ain't that bad at that height, my man.

I'm 6'3". I'm not really fat anywhere, except a belly. I think I am going to look and see what I can enter, as far as a marathon, or something. That would be a great goal. Thanks for the encouragement.

The Professor:
Good luck man...I'm doing something similar myself right now.  So far down 10lbs....hang in there...the first week is the toughest.

A word of advice...get your carbs from veggies rather than grains, bread, pasta,  or potatoes, and it goes a LOT faster.  And when you reintroduce the grain and starch based carbs, watch the portions, and you'll be fine.

Getting older with a slowed metabolism sucks.


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