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Need 3 GABF OR Rare Beer tix, Sat. noon or any other


I'd prefer Sat. noon member's session but any session will do. If you have 3 to Rare Beer at Wynkoop on 10/12, let's talk! Have 2 friends coming in from out of state and first timers to either fest. Gotta show them the Big Show. Cash + could throw in some odd/rare bottles to sweeten the deal. Email please. Denver area. Thanks!
(and yes, legit, not for broker/resale/etc.) Proof?
current: Kentucky Kommon, Belgo-Franco dark saison, sour saison
on deck: wet, wild hop pale

Are you still looking for tickets?  I have two for Friday session that I'm looking to sell.  I'm an AHA member, I just can't get there early enough on Friday to attend.

Just sent you an email. All set with GABF but still looking for one Rare Beer. Have one? Anyone else? Thanks!


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