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NZ hop varieties?

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Followup on the Motueka lager: It was freaking fantastic. One of the best beers I've ever made. Super huge fruity, mango/passionfruit/tropical aroma, followed by subtle floral noble-type character. The fruity started fading a few weeks ago, and now it's still fruity, but more balanced toward the floral side (think roses). I'd definitely use Motueka again.

IMO, I would not pair it with any pine-type hops, and I think even the citrus-type hops would clash with it. I think it'd do well with some domestic noble-type hops (like Crystal) or Euro nobles. But really, it shines on its own.

Note: I used S-189 and it's a really easy-to-use lager strain. No fuss, very clean.

Motueka is one of those hops that I look for any excuse to sneak some into a brew. I have used it with Centennial and Caliente in a hoppy dubbel, and my pale lager is carbing up right now with Mosaic, Citra, Amarillo and Motueka. You can't really pick it out next to the oilier hops, and but it adds a nice complexity of fruit and floral notes to back them up.


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