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NZ hop varieties?

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I made a single hop pale ale with Rakau. I agree with erockrph's assessment of "grassy, tropical fruit, spice". It took me a while to like it. There was a rough quality to it that I didn't quite like, but after a couple of months I started to really enjoy it. There was a stone fruit quality to it that was enjoyable to me.

I also used .25 oz of Rakau in a 3 gallon batch of Patersbier, along with Saaz at the 10 minute mark that was absolutely delicious right away.

Riwaka is great but will probably not be available in the US again, acreage is limited and the NZ brewers use it.  Yields aren't great, so they're not likely to plant more.

Try Pacific Gem if you can get your hands on some.

I just can't get over that "Savory" character that Nelson puts off... I can't put my finger on it, and I don't want to just call it "catty". It's just odd. Same thing I don't care for in some S. Blanc, esp. NZ varieties.

I really like Galaxy. Flat12 Bierworks (a brewery here in Indianapolis) does a single-hop Galaxy pale year-round, and its one of their most popular brews (they call it "Walkabout").

I forgot to mention that I really like Pacific Jade as well. It has an herbal, fresh fruit, peppery quality that blends really well with Crystal hops. I made a really good rye ale, and amber ale with the two.

Does anyone have a source they'd recommend for getting these kinds of hops? I've been googling a bit and I've seen a pretty wide range of prices.


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