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Boulder again

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So I was in Boulder last year and enjoyed avery very much.

I will probably check that out again but I would also like to check out new places that opened in the last year or so.

also any other absoluteley can't miss spots. I only have two nights but I could maybe manage 2-3 places

I really enjoy Upslope.  Like Avery they typically have beers on tap that are not available outside the taproom which always include a couple of barrell aged beers which they do a great job on.  And their GABF gold medal winning pumpkin is out and on tap. Their tap room is North Boulder right where 28th and Broadway intersect.

There's a new place called West Flanders Brewing Company that just (like yesterday) opened in the old BJ's spot on Pearl St. The brewer has been around the 'hood for quite a while and does good work. They try to focus on beer and food pairings, it looks like. Check it out and report back. It sounds like a cool place (though I hate the name).

That looks very nice indeed theoman. I think I will check that out.

Report back! I'm curious to hear about it.


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