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I've been tossing around the idea of making a CFC. Is a pump necessary, or is gravity feed enough? Also, how long must it be to be effective?

Jimmy K:
I gravity feed through mine, but it is slow. There is a lot of resistance in 25 or 50 feet of tubing and the heat transfer is definately not as fast as through a plate chiller.

Edit: This all depends on your water temperature too. Winter is awesome, summer not so much.

i set up a pump, though it is probably not necessary. and i haven't finalized it. i basically put a immersion chiller in a 2 gallon bucket and then put pipe fittings to connect a submersible pump to run ice water through.  i use foam ice packs and put them in my mash tun after the grain is out.  gravity drain back to the tun. 

incidentally, went out last night and the place had a drink - bloody mary with a gravity fed beer into it with a few strips of bacon in the bloody mary part.  thought of you


Some pics of the temp set up.  if i intend to use i will need to valve the kettle since the pump is not self priming. (i will likely get a march pump, but the pump in the picture is out of a keurig coffee maker and actually does fine)  the 2 gallon bucket holds the coils from the immersion chiller that you can see coming out of the side through the grommets.  if i did this over i would have brought them through the lid so i could just pull it out and use it as an immersion chiller easier. the big igloo is my mash tun (note i only do 2-3 gallons at a time) and works fine. i can fill it with ice packs that i keep in the freezer and just reuse.

Many years ago, I had one that I used without a pump.  Like was said above, it was slow but it usually worked OK.  Worked a bit better when I started using a WortWizard to move the wort through it.  But I eventually gave it away.  I found that the time it  took to clean and sanitize it was at least as much as the time I saved by using a CGFC rather than an IC.  I've used the IC ever since.  Once I started using a pump with the IC to do recirculated chilling the time it takes to chill came down to about 10-15 min.


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