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Hop Garden, Wellington, NZ


I'm sitting here enjoying a half-pint of Parrot Dog Bloodhound, enjoying this place very much. I had several days at a conference which was terrific... Except for the beer! .... And got to Welly today for a couple of days of exploration, most of it with company. But tonight is a perfect kgs retreat... Nice local beer, a book, and a comfortable spot. Hop Garden has Garage Project beers, recommended by a local who knows good stuff, so my next "research" may be a half pint of the Aro Noir. Good small plate menu too.

Looks like a place I would like to have a pint.

Wow, too cool!

For the record, I couldn't finish my small glass of Garage Project stout.... It was harsh. But I wrapped up my sojourn with a half pint of Epic Armageddon, and it was deeeeeelish.


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