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Brew Competition Online Entry & Management Updated Released


Bruce B:
For all you competition coordinators and organizers out there, a new version of BCOE&M has been released with some really nice add on features and changes:

* Added the ability to cap the number of entries.
* Added custom winning category functionality.
* Added registration windows for judges and stewards (now separate from regular entrants). Comps can now register judges and stewards before and after the entry window.
* Added a new public page: Volunteer Information.  Communicate directly to the Volunteers in addition to the Entrants.
* Accept payments via Google Wallet (in addition to PayPal).
* Added another bottle label option that includes special ingredients (if any) on the label itself. Useful for Category 23, for example, and custom categories.
* 16 other fixes.
I personally coordinate two competitions (Midwinter and German Fest Stein Challenge) and webmaster another two (The Schooner and Belle City Winter Warmer) using this package and it saves us a ton of time over paper form submissions, managing a competition, and communicating to everyone involved.

Jimmy K:


I'm hoping someone can help me with some issues with BCOE&M.  I installed on my club's server to test it out, and all is working well except 2 things:
1) I can't get it to upload any logos using the interface in the package.
2) I can't get the competition logo to display in the site.

I have also been unable (for unknown reasons) to post to the "Contact" link in the help for BCOE&M.  I'd love to get that sorted out as well!

This looks like a great tool, and I would love to put it to use for our annual competition, but unless I can get past this, it won't happen!



Bruce B:
Hi David,

Your two logo issues are probably due to a path decoration issue in the config file.  Verify that your images_dir and base_url are correct.

Not sure what is going on with the web site contact page but I've sent an email to the developer informing him of that situation.

If you log your issue out on the Google Code site there are more developers familiar with the product that can assist you with issues going forward.


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