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Wild bugs!

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Anyone harvested any and want to ship!?

Sounds like a good opportunity for a beer swap! Have you any sour homebrew?

I'd gladly trade some wild slurry for a few wild homebrews!

The current "house" mixed blend is going into a gallon starter today - the last step before pitching. It will have revived dregs from Jolly Pumpkin, Goose Island (Juliet), Boulevard (Love Child #2), Petrus, The Bruery (Oude Tart), and Upland (Gilgamesh). I might also throw in a touch of slurry from WLP670.

I actually don't have any as of now

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Ah well, I'll have plenty enough slurry to give away. Just send me a few bottles of the finished product whenever they're ready.

I'll DM you for a shipping address after the first pitch is ready.

Nice! what bugs u got


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