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Length of decoction boil for bock

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I have been doing a 30 min boil of the decoction for my marzen and dunkel.   I have a bock planned for Monday and am considering a longer decoction boil.  Any thoughts?

I never go longer than 45 min. Not because I have data that it stops making a difference, but because any longer seems too long.


I have never read anything that ever stated a professional brewer doing anything longer than 45 min. 30 min. is plenty long enough IMO.

I boil my decoctions for 20 minutes or until I THINK I may be getting a burn on the bottom of the pot (despite constant stirring).
It is better to stop then and not even try to continue.


I'm more in the 15 minute camp. 10 minutes at 150 or so, then quickly up to boiling, 15 minutes there.


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