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Briess lme/dme sodium content

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I came across this over on the probrewer boards, and thought it was interesting:
"Be aware that Briess DME and LME products contain potentially excessive sodium content. For a wort reconstituted to 1.045, the sodium content is 100 ppm when reconstituting with distilled water. That content doubles if the gravity is brought to 1.089. If the local tap water already has sodium content, that impact is added to the extract contribution.

The problem is due to Briess using the local Chilton, WI water which is ion-exchange softened. The typical sodium content of that water is 100 ppm.

Brewers should be aware of this impact and if it degrades the perception of their beers, seek out other extract sources."

Martin posted similar info here a few weeks back.


--- Quote from: denny on September 29, 2012, 01:33:15 PM ---Martin posted similar info here a few weeks back.

--- End quote ---

Whoops, guess I missed that.

What are the chances that thr WaterEng that posted that might be someone we know?

Has Breiss always had this type of sodium concentration present in their malt extracts? Is this a new development?


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