Author Topic: Best size boil kettle for 10 gallon batches  (Read 24564 times)

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Re: Best size boil kettle for 10 gallon batches
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I just completed my first 10 gallon batch (foreign extra stout) this weekend! I used two converted 15 1/2 gallon SS kegs I got for cheap and a newly acquired 60qt cooler. I actually have a third keg I'm considering using as a mash tun but I'm not sure how to keep my mash temp and not confident that a direct-fired option won't result in some burnt wort. I also used a home-made three tiered rig I put together using those slide-together wire shelves and some angle iron. I used a home-made IC and had my S.O. help me put the BK into an ice bath after flameout. It took me about 1/2 an hour (with an occasional stirring) to get down to 75°. As a side note, I mashed at 1.3qt/lb. with 37lbs of grain and it filled my cooler up to within an inch of the top. And, with 13 gallons of wort, made about 15 minutes of vigilance (and a good spray bottle) at the beginning of the boil a necessity.  :)
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Re: Best size boil kettle for 10 gallon batches
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Just read the subject line from the OP on this again.  I stick with my opinion that the "Best" size boil kettle for 10g batches is 20G.  You can get by and be very successful with a 15G (as I have) but 20G is optimal IMHO.  No need for fermcap, standing over the pot like a vulture, constantly adjusting heat, not being able to get a good rolling boil, etc....

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