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Avery Sour Fest


Anyone here gonna make it to the fest?
PM me if so....we could meet weather permitting.

Hey Vert, I'll be there!  :)

I was at Avery last night for a little thingy they put together called Sour Beers Deconstructed.  Not really a lot of new info for folks who have read some of the books out there but getting to taste beers right out of the barrels was pretty cool.  They would literally, pull a nail in the head of the barrel, let beer come out into a pitcher, replace the nail, and serve it up.  Good times!

Here's some of my tasters:

Kewl How will I know it's you...? Put on a  Green St. Pattys Derby...

I have visited the barrel room on my tour.  I am bringing about 176 oz
of my sour beers to share with Adam and the Crew... (8- 22 oz bombers)
4 bottles of my flanders red and 4 of a sour saison.

Sent you an email

Here's a picture of me:

I'd love to try some of your sours if you have enough to go around!  If not, no worries.....I'm sure there will be more there then I will know what to do with!

Sent you another email... ::)


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