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Had a few bottles of this last night.  Pretty decent for an American Bock.  Medium to full body, nice mouthfeel, not overly malty, but malty enough.  Nice hop/malt balance.  Over all a decent beer.

The Professor:
definitely +1...I am delighted to see the return of this beer.  When I first started enjoying beer,  most of the big American breweries were still making an interpretation of  bock beer.

In fact, the first sixpack of beer I ever bought for myself...back in 1969... was Pabst Bock.  This revival brew from Yeungling reminds me a lot of that dark, lightly roasty  bock that Pabst used to make.
They definitely have a winner here...flavorful and very refreshing.  I so rarely buy commercial beer, but I'm glad the retro style packaging caught my eye.  I'd have been sorry to miss this nice brew.

As an original native of eastern PA I feel I must point out that it's "Yuengling" or our more affectionate pet name "Schuylkill Sludge"  ;)

The Professor:

--- Quote from: tygo on February 19, 2010, 06:02:46 PM ---As an original native of eastern PA I feel I must point out that it's "Yuengling" or our more affectionate pet name "Schuylkill Sludge"  ;)

--- End quote ---

LOL.  Thanks for the's true that 100 out of 17 people are dyslexic.  :o

As far as the "pet name"....Why is it that the 'local 'brew always seems to get the least respect when in general it's true that it's at least as good aor usually better than the national competition???? 

Seems like the young'uns have always bought into the national brand hype.  A friend of mine swore by Budweiser, while callinhg his local brew (which was Rolling Rock) "weazle-piss".  Seems to me more the opposite was true.

Anyway, the fact that this brewery is still around after 180+ years (and still privately owned in family hands and thriving and expanding to boot!) must mean they've been doing something right.  I say Viva the Little Guy.

I've been drinking Yuengling for many many years (almost 40 years in fact), and would never have considered their beer 'sludge', at least not the Chesterfield Ale or the Porter (which were the ones that attracted my interest all those years ago).

They always were,  and remain,  very well made beers.  When the prices doubled overnight in the late 70's (they got 'hip') it didn't was still one of the best bargains out there for the quality.
The Bock is icing on the cake.  Yuengling absolutely deserves the resurgence they've enjoyed in the last 35 years.  I hope they're still around and family owned to celebrate their 200th!!!  (and since I'll be looking at the southern border of 80,  I hope I have enough strength then to raise a glass!)

Like I said, it's an affectionate name.  I've been drinking Yuengling since, well since before I was supposed to be.  I love that I can get it in the grocery store where I'm at.  I have a 12 pack of the lager in the garage right now.

When I was in college a group of us sent a condolences card to Dick Jr when Dick Sr passed away.  We got a very nice note and a signed poster back.


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