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Belma Hops?!?!?

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--- Quote from: 1vertical on November 12, 2012, 10:29:01 AM ---Speaking for myself, No I do not take that date as having any credence
to the end of days.  But for those that do (i actually know someone who
does) you better get brewing!

I was going to do an all Belma Hop Brew.  Thinking several additions with
a full ounce going in for the entire boil including FWH.  Based upon style,
O.G. target, and not a huge hop presence. Prolly aim for 35-45 IBU.
I have some safeale 189 and some nice light pils malt....(thanx bb)

--- End quote ---

Hyd. Tube of primary to secondary transfer with this beer was an interesting
Orange/tangerene note on the back of the tongue.  Nice ....pleasant


--- Quote from: mybeerpants on November 08, 2012, 01:40:56 PM ---I ordered a pound of Belma pellets (along with 3 others  :P ) yesterday and plan to make an all Belma IPA in the near future. Belmapocalypse IPATM here I come!

--- End quote ---

All belma IPA... done.  Haven't bottled yet tho.

Please keep us posted how the IPA turns out. I picked up a pound a month ago when I stopped there. I'm thinking of using them in a lighter beer (blonde or wheat) as suggested earlier.


I brewed the 2008 Big Brew recipe (Fill in the Hop Blonde Ale) a few days ago.

For 12 gallons I added one ounce at 60 minutes, 2 ounces at 3 minutes and 2 ounces at knockout. I have found that I get a fair amount of flavor even with the very late additions as my wort chiller takes almost 15 minutes to cool everything down.

I will rack it over in a week and determine at that time if it should be dry hopped, or even just dry hop one of the carboys and not the others.

Will provide tasting notes at that time.

More on Belma hops.  I just popped the second bottle.

--- Quote ---OK. It’s been a week, and I’m trying the second bottle of this one.

It’s better conditioned now, although will probably still do well with another week or so of conditioning.

Appearance is pretty murky, light brown or dark tan, with a great, lasting head and awesome lacing. Appearance could improve.

The bitterness is about right for what I had in mind. It’s not overly bitter, but is sufficiently so. I didn’t intend it to be heavily bitter.

Flavor is a bit less that what I’d find optimal for an IPA. I think it needs something besides just belma… cascade might be nice. Late hopping with belma probably isn’t the way to go.

Aroma is pretty good, but if you compare it to something like Ruination, this beer falls short.

Now I know I’m not an expert like Mitch at Stone, but I think this beer was done properly enough to draw reasonable conclusions from this tasting.

I am going to say that belma is a good bittering hop, good for milder beers that don’t require that sharp, pungent, in-your-face hop forwardness like AIPAs or DIPAs. It would probably be better suited to English styles, mildly hopped American styles, or as a general bittering hop.

I do like the aroma that the dry hops lent to this beer, but it’s again not really IPA worthy. Again, good for styles that are less hoppy than IPAs.

I am still quite pleased with my Belma hops, I just won’t use them for super cheep IPA hops. They won’t go to waste, however. I will use them as a general bittering hop, or a hop for milder beer styles. Short of doing a side-by-side with magnum or warrior, I can’t say whether they’d really be a replacement. I don’t intend to do such a comparison, BTW! These will be fine for bittering.

In the end, I’ll drink every one of my somewhat milder than expected Belma IPA. It was a good experiment, and the beer is pretty good anyway.
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