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Belma Hops?!?!?

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I put it in about a 40 ibu ESB and it is not as orangy in flavor but it did
balance the malt. No weird off flavors.  I do prefer the noble hop over this FWIW

I'm finally gonna use what you sent in an ale this weekend. I've been out of beer for about 6 weeks... no gumption to brew but need is overpowering my procrastination. 8)

I've only used Belma once in a Saison.  I used only 4 oz. in a 5 gal. batch and got no hop flavor that I could detect.  It was an OK beer, my review is here:

I suspected that the Total Oil (Mls. per 100 grams dried hops) was low so I emailed Hops Direct and asked.  I just got the response: "The total oil content for Belma is 0.8"   So it is on the low side.  He did not give me a breakdown on the types of oils and their percentages.  Next time I will really load up the flavor additions.

For a comparison, Citra is 2.2-2.8. 

After reading your thread, I realized that I neglected to say I used Lager yeast with the belma
and got that orange thang. (s-189 thanks boulderbrewer) so yes maybe it is a contribution
from the yeast hop interaction that plays interesting with Belma... :-\


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