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German slide-on connectors
« on: November 01, 2012, 01:22:47 AM »
I bought a commercial kegerator today from a restaurant that had gone out of business and I have a few questions about these style of connectors.  I also bought a few used kegs and a 20 lb CO2 tank.  4 of the kegs are 30L stainless kegs (1/4 barrel) that have these sort of connectors.  Also included in the kegerator was the tap for these so if I can figure out how to clean them up, I'm pretty sure I can use them but maybe not.
I also got 3 sankey fittings and 2 guinness fittings, two towers, 2 creamer taps, 3 regular taps etc.  I'll post some pictures tomorrow.  Oh, and I grabbed two slim 1/4 barrel sankey kegs that I figure I can either use as kegs or maybe adapt into fermenters.  Also, 3 plastic kegs with sankey fittings.  Not sure about these.

I also bought a 3 door bottle cooler (low, undershelf type) that I think will make a perfect lagering cabinet since at least 10 cornie kegs will fit in it, maybe more.

So, anyone know anything about these slide on connectors?  I'm probably gonna have a few questions about filling/adapting sankey's for home use too if anyone has any advice.