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--- Quote from: erockrph on October 21, 2013, 05:25:27 PM ---After doing a little digging, it looks like someone found a report for another spring water drawn from Keighley, and it's relatively soft. TTLL definitely tastes pretty dry and minerally to me, though. Here's the values that were listed:

Mineral Analysis (mg/L)
Calcium 41.2
Magnesium 19.1
Sodium 26.5
Potassium 3.54
Sulphate 18.3
Chloride 12.9
Nitrate <1.00
Aluminium <0.01
Bicarbonates 278
Dry Residues at 180c 262
PH at source 7.30

Here's the thread where I saw this:

ESB - If you're not tasting the snatch, you're doing it wrong!

--- End quote ---
Lets say that is the water that TT uses for Landlord. What do they do with it to reduce the alkalinity then and add to it? That would not give the Burton Snatch I remember from drinking TTL on cask in England.


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