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Fermenting Belgian ales with wine yeast?

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Has anyone played around with this?  I have heard of someone mention using Lalvin yeasts to ferment belgian strong ales but no details.  I suppose it could give you excellent attenuation on a Golden strong ,for example, if it works?

From what I understand yeast such as the one Brasserie Dupont uses is very similar to a red wine yeast in its behavior.

If attenuation is your main objective, I don't think it's necessary.  It's no problem to get good attenuation with a standard Belgian strain.  And it seems you'd be missing the flavors that characterize Belgian styles.  But I have no direct experience.

No, attenuation is not the main goal.  Just curious what it might bring flavor wise.  Again, this was something I heard of in passing.  Not sure what the ultimate goal or result is.  I just wondered if anyone had any direct experience with it.

Maybe a small trial would be in order for fun.  Say brew up 6 gallons and ferment 1 with wine yeast and 5 with a regular Belgian ale strain.

If you try it, please let us know what the results are.

you betcha!



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