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Rehydrating Dry Yeast

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Actually I don't think you need oxygen for rehydration for two reasons:
1 - Dry yeast should have whatever they need to get started in the preservative.
2 - Oxygen is actually a very toxic thing. Just because we evolved to use it doesn't mean that it's good for life all the time. So I'd imagine high oxygen concentration in water/wort would result in even more cell death while their membranes are still fragile and not rebuilt. Afterwards, pitching into a well oxygenated wort would be good because it would help in growing and forming stronger membranes, which would prolong and improve their activity and viability.

Here is a little experiment I did to follow up on the original topic


--- Quote from: denny on February 14, 2013, 09:36:53 AM ---
--- Quote from: Pi on February 14, 2013, 09:20:30 AM ---when rehydrating dry yeast, using cooled boiled water, the fact that the O2 has been cooked off any concern?

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I don't think so.  You need O2 for cell growth, and when you rehydrate dry yeast you're not going for cell growth.

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+1.  Or in it's absence for cell growth, sterols and fatty acids.  Hence the olive oil experiment.


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