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My wife and I have a small vineyard that we planted 5 years ago.  This year was an awesome growing year in Oregon.  We harvested our grapes on Friday and ended up with 470 lbs of Pinot Noir and 140 lbs of Pinot Gris.  There are still about 50 lbs of Riesling that are not ready yet.  Having a vineyard is really a lot of work between April and October and it keeps us from having time to brew beer, however, it does feel good to have a good payoff from our efforts.  Now that harvest is over, we are looking forward to getting back to brewing.  Here are some pictures of this years efforts.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Gris

140 lbs Pinot Gris

470 lbs Pinot Noir

Crushed Pinot Gris

Crushed Pinot Noir

Three Pinot Noir clones, 115, 667, 777.  Each are being fermented with different yeasts.

Wow, way to go Tom! If your wines are 1/4 as good as your beers I'd trade my favorite dog to taste them.
What acreage is devoted to grapes?

My Husband and I have discussed the idea, but have been unwilling to bite off the commitment yet. We live on a rocky knoll where probably the only thing that would grow would be grapes. We have an acre or so that would probably work for grapes.

Do you do anything commercially with your wines, or is it strictly a labor of love.

Raising a glass of APA to your efforts. Glad the weather cooperated. It has been an awesome summer...

Good on ya, Tom!  You guys make me feel so lazy!  OK, I guess I am.

Thanks Diane.  Our vineyard is close to half an acre.  It is not big enough to do anything with it commercially.  Our friends a street over have 2 acres in vines and they have enough to do something commercially with a growers privilege permit.  I would think that 2 acres would be a minimum.

Jimmy K:
Very nice! I love the seasonal nature of wine and cider production. It's something you don't get from brewing.


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