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Need suggestions for improving County Fair booth

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I do not have any knowledge when it comes to the map of IN but the AHA lists a ton of clubs in the state.  You might be able to entice some BJCP judges from other clubs that are reasonably nearby to help out.  There's no reason to limit it to the 2 in your county.  Maybe the local brew pub would help out with meals or after judging libations to lure them in.


Jimmy K:
You're right. Bottles of beer have poor display quality. I'd have a list of winners by category. Include the winners name and the beer's name if they included it on the entry sheet.  Anything else you can get to add personality to the winners will help.  For the rest of the booth I'd concentrate on using it to recruit new homebrewers.
This is separate from the competition though. Most people enter competitions for the feedback so if they're not getting it they'll stop entering. We have bjcp judges traveling 1.5 hours or more to judge at our state fair competition. Just treat them well once they get there!

For something like $20 you can have Office Depot or Staples make you a large (e.g. 2'x3') laminated copy of the beer scoresheet.  Hang it conspicuously.  It works really well for us as a point of discussion for passers-by at the annual beer festival.

Registering the competition with the BJCP well in advance will possibly get you more entries, as well as access to the BJCP judges' email list.  Even with one or two BJCP judges heading up a couple of flights could help your comp's credibility with brewers and increase participation.

Another big way to help increase entries is to use a registration web site.  If you don't have someone in-house who can do that, consider using the hosting services for $25 a year  We used Geoff's hosting service for the first time this past year, and though there are some quirks, he is very responsive.  You enter your competitions rules, drop-off locations, sponsors (if you have any), etc.  The site lets people register and pay online, and also lets judges sign up.


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