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Post a pic of your Pellicle!

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No picture, but my pellicle looked like the above plus it had a graininess as if I sprinkled dried yeast on top of the pellicle.  The bug source was a handful of 2-row which I added to a no-boil wort to which I had added lactic acid to reach a pH of 4.5. 

Okay here it is.
Wit beer with flaked rye and dried meyer lemon. Added persian mulberries to 1 gallon (1 lb) and ended up with this!!!!

turned out really good in my opinion. Wasn't the households favorite by any means but I LIKED it. Those mulberries were grown in Berkeley CA so I credit those SF bay area wild yeast

It's always exciting to see how the funky beers turn out. I love them too!

I have the Saison aging in a carboy right now. Hope to keg it sometime sooner than later though.

Terrifying.  Simply terrifying.  Like the series premiere of the walking dead.  Terrifying I a way that I love.

Here is a pic of some wild yeasts I'm trying to culture and purify right now.
I took some jars with sterilized wort with me on my last hiking trip and collected some flowers and berries in upstate NY forest. Hope something interesting comes from it.


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