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Charring oak cubes

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--- Quote from: tschmidlin on October 26, 2012, 07:08:51 AM ---The oak I got was a raw white oak board from a specialty lumber shop, not a big box place.  It was untreated.

I don't use it directly in beer, I soak it in liquor and then use the liquor itself.  it takes the guess work out of adding it.

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You want to make sure that is not red oak, like the type used in flooring.  White oak is fine.

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What would be the issue with red oak?

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As far as I know, red oak is fine for this process, although the flavor is likely to be at least a little different.  They don't use it for barrels because the grain isn't tight enough, but it is not toxic or anything.

Here's a great resource on toasting oak cubes. Times/temps for different desired flavors:


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