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Mosaic Hops?

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Where can I buy the new Mosaic hops? I've looked around on-line and have yet to find anyone selling them.


Siamese Moose:
You are unlikely to find them for a while. According to a presentation given at Perrault Farms during the NHC preconference tour, there won't be enough in the pipeline for any to reach homebrewers until 2014 at the very earliest, and more likely not until 2015.

I got some last year at a brewery that had used those for brewing trials, these were leftovers sold at the brewery homebrew shop. X-369 was the name then. They are very resiny, some say they have some blueberry, and are like Simcoe without the cat pee.

erockrph: has them up on their website right now.

Good catch erockrph! I'm really looking forward to using these hops after tasting Bell's "It Goes To 11".

12oz minimum purchase - That's going to be one hell of an IPA!


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