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Mosaic Hops?

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--- Quote from: pinnah on February 06, 2013, 03:00:22 PM ---What else out there for experience?  Blatz, did you use these yet?

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yeah - we had a festival here 2 weeks ago and I served 20gal of my west coast IPA - 10gal with simcoe/amarillo dryhop and 10gal with mosaic/calypso dryhop.  obviously, with all the hops in the kettle and then using 2 hops in the dryhop, I didn't get a pure mosaic impression, but I thought it was fantastic - next time I am doing all mosaic to see how it ends up.  From what I got when I pulled the hop bag holding the mosaic: very tropical fruity and piney without the pungency of simcoe, but overall it thought it was very close to simcoe and I like it alot.  I wouldn't say its much like Citra, but I need more experimentation.

all that said, people at the fest seemed to prefer the simcoe/amarillo, but I think that may have been the calypso's fault  :o


Mmmm, mine just came in the mail yesterday, just in time for a brew weekend.
I love it when the mail lady has to drive down the driveway to deliver a Freshop Box! ;D


I am currently drinking a Great Lakes Alchemy Hour DIPA. It is finished with mosaic hops. This is my first experience with mosaic. I like it....different, but I'm a fan. I would say that it is has a sweet-earthy taste. The aroma is amazing. As far as the beer is 9.4% ABV and would compare it to Troegs Nugget Nectar, but bigger.

Every time I read these threads it costs me money.  Just got 8 oz of Mosaic because you all seem to like it.  I'm sure it will be awesome but I've got an unopened lb of Simcoe for the same reason.  I'm a sucker for peer pressure. 
Let me know when you guys are jumping off a bridge and I'll be sure to be there.

There's a saison IPA here with all mosaic that's fantastic. My co-worker describes it as having a green tea taste. Definitely some simcoe flavors and could probably be substituted with simcoe. Either way I have a smash beer with pale malt and mosaic. Tastes fantastic. We have both whole leaf and pellets around so they're definitely out there. The distributors are limiting how much everyone can order.


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