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an interesting article about AB-InBev


The Professor:
Not sure if anyone has posted this here yet (a quick search didn't turn it up)...
...but anyway, here's a really eye-opening article about AB-InBev.

Interesting read, thanks.  I think this kind exemplifies the problems with his mindset, where short term gains are valued over long term success.  But long term strategy doesn't get you fat bonuses and big payouts.

Joe Sr.:
Just read that article before seeing this post.  It is indeed an interesting read.

It made me think that at some point, once they've consolidated so much that they can't squeeze out the increasing returns they want, they will start breaking up and selling off individual brands.  Maybe.

Becks did used to be tasty, back before I really got into craft beer.  Nowadays it's a mediocre "C" beer at best.  And yes, you should blame inbev and budweiser for this.

IMO even when inbev/bud has tried to create "craft beers," they wind up just making more crap with the same old fancy marketing techniques.  If they would focus on the beer and stop worrying so much about marketing, the beers would sell themselves. 

From reading this article, I don't see that happening, despite the obvious fact that people are more and more wanting quality beer and not caring about inbev's profit margins.

Personally, I am quite worried that goose island will turn to s*** under bud's control.  we shall see.

And I of course am all about supporting local breweries, and staying a loyal customer of non-big 3 brands like stone. 


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