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I was certain I had seen a topic on this already but by searching turned up nothing. Anyway there is an olive tree in my backyard that decided this year to produce a small crop of fruit. I suspect because  big branch on another tree came down last winter so that one area on the olive tree got sun for the first time in years.

being the kind of person who can't really walk past free food just hanging on a tree I feel I must cure these little critters and eat them up.

I prefer lye cured olives over salt cured and don't care for oil cure at all. so I am thinking lye cure but... I look around on the internets and at least one person says that you want pretty unripe green olives to avoid mushy finished product.

Well how hard is hard? The ones in my yard are mostly green but they are starting to get a slight darkening on one side. They are not rock hard at all.

So anyone out there cure olives? what methods have you used? what kind of results have you gotten?


Come on I'm interested in OLIVE your ideas (get it? OLIVE your ideas? nevermind)


--- Quote from: morticaixavier on October 30, 2012, 08:58:38 PM ---Nothing?

Come on I'm interested in OLIVE your ideas (get it? OLIVE your ideas? nevermind)

--- End quote ---

Sorry, olives are one of my favourites but not frost tolerant enough for me. Wish I could help.

Sorry, the only things I know about olive production is that they come in cans and jars.  That and I love eating them.


Youtube has a couple of hundred videos on this subject.

I planted an olive tree 2 years ago. Deer nibbled it in half last year. I have a cage around it now. Hopefully in 2 or 3 years I will start geting some fruit.


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